Rock Exotica Hydra

Combines a pulley, rigging plate and swivel all in one compact piece of equipment

Use on the saddle bridge, as a lanyard adjuster or in your climbing system

Eliminates twisting of the climbing line when used as a rolling attachment point on the saddle bridge

Rubber grommet-lined attachment points hold carabiners snugly to help prevent cross-loading

Pulley body is machined from solid aluminum to increase strength and decrease weight

Weight: 575 g
MBS: 2 x 14 kN=28 kN
WLL: 2 x 2.5 kN=5 kN
Max Rope: 13 mm
Sheave Dia: 2.1(53mm)

CE EN 12278

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

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Rock Exotica



Artikelnummer P4
Hersteller Rock Exotica
Lieferzeit Auf Bestellung
Herstellerlink Homepage Rock Exotica
Norm CE EN 12278
Lager Seilrollen Kugellager
Bruchlast Seilrollen > 23 kN bis 36 kN
Seilrollen Spezialrollen
Dokumente hydra-tech-notice.pdf


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